Twitter Tuesday Tip: Twitter Lists Are Your Friend

Are you on Twitter? I have a Twitter tip for you on this “Twitter Tuesday“.  I can’t stress enough how handy this tip will be for you!  It’s one of those things that you’ll wish you’d done sooner if you put if off until later. 

Today’s Twitter Tip is to utilize the “list” feature on Twitter.  You’ll do this by organizing those you follow into manageable “lists” that you create. 

What kinds of lists might you create? The sky’s the limit! If you’re like many people, you have a variety of interests.  For example, let’s say your interests are gardening, cooking, and art.  You may find that the people you follow on twitter fall into one of these areas as well.  So, it doesn’t always make sense to clump gardening folks with art folks, and so on.  Especially if you’re in the mood to talk gardening.  You may not want to see cooking tweets.  Or, you need a good cooking tip and want to quickly find your cooking tweeps. In both of these instances, a twitter list would surely come in handy.

A Twitter list allows you to easily scan folks in a particular list category you create (such as cooking).  It helps keep tweets and tweeps together that fall into the same category.  Make sense?

Ready to get listing? Hop over to my “How to Create a List on Twitter” tutorial and list away! It’s over here:

Speaking of Twitter, are we following each other? I’m @LauraCatherineO.  Stop by and say (well, tweet) “hello!”

Laura Catherine Otero is a marketing professional and blogger in Charleston, SC who has been active in social media since 2005.  If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to this blog via Email or  RSS. Laura can also be found on Twitter (@LauraCatherineO), Facebook, and LinkedIn

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