How to Get Notified When a Person Adds You to a Twitter List (via @ListNotify, a "Twitter Tuesday" post)

Have you discovered @ListNotify yet? We’ve talked about the benefit of creating your very own twitter lists in this space before, and have talked about a handy list service (Formulist) to help you build your lists.  Today, I have another tool to add to your twitter experience for our weekly “Twitter Tuesdays” together: List Notify.

How does @ListNotify work? When a twitter follower adds YOU to one of his or her own twitter lists, ListNotify will automatically notify you via a handy tweet.

I like this free service because I think it’s helpful to receive this kind of notification.

Acknowledgement of the listing you’ve received by sending the twitter user a thank you for the listing tweet may be in order.

I typically send thanks if it is clearly a list the twitter user manually created, adding me personally. Make sense? You can usually detect an auto Formulist-style listing, because of the standard list names often used (such as “people-like-me”, or “recently followed me”, etc.).

How to Get Notified When You are Added to a Twitter List (via ListNotify):
  1. Sign in to your Twitter account
  2. Follow @ListNotify
  3. Visit their website ( – you may have to refresh the page once to view
  4. Allow access to Twitter
  5. Select whether you’d like a tweet or direct message when someone new adds you to a list
Here are a few helpful links to previous posts if you’re ready to explore creating your own lists on Twitter:

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